Implant Motor

The Only American-Made Implant Motor

At Aseptico, we know implant motors. With 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing top of the line motors here in the U.S., making motors that exceed your expectations is our priority. Our implant motors give you more versatility, power, and dependability than any of the competition. But they offer more than just torque and a wealth of features–they offer quality that lasts for years.

Premium Implant / Oral Surgery Motor

Aseptico’s Premium Implant / Oral Surgery Motor excels in implant, surgical, and endodontic functions, making it the most versatile implant motors on the market. It is rated up to 80 Ncm for implant applications and works with any conventional or mini implant system. Five programmable buttons allow you to save your favorite settings–simple as saving your favorite stations on your car stereo. Since its software is upgradeable, the Premium Implant / Oral Surgery Motor will last for years while staying ahead of the curve.

Featured 7000
Preferred Implant / Oral Surgery Motor

The Preferred Implant / Oral Surgery Motor offers versatility and reliability at an affordable price. Like the Premium Motor, it features the ability to perform implant, oral surgery, and endodontic functions proficiently. It works with any conventional and mini implant system available, and it provides up to 50 Ncm of torque for implant procedures. With five programmable preset buttons and upgradeable software, the Preferred Implant / Oral Surgery Motor will be a go-to workhorse for years to come.

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